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    Popover font size



      Popover font size


      The popovers are great but have one annoyance which is driving me mad!

      I have a popover on one layout which displays exactly as I want. There are no calculations just some simple text in Arial font with size of 14.

      In a second layout I have done exactly the same thing yet the text (along with the popover box) shows at approximately half the size but only in browse mode. In layout mode it is showing correctly at the original size. All fonts and sizes are set exactly the same as the original layout.

      I have even copied the full popover from the correctly functioning layout without changing a thing and still have the same problem.

      Zoom level on both layouts is the same.

      Any one any ideas?



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          Is the "Theme" the same for both layouts?.

          If so is the little triangle beside the style black or red in both layouts?, If one is red and the other black it means you've changed something from the default.

          Remember there are 2 theme settings for Popovers, the Popover it's self and  Popover Content therein, check both. It is in the Popover 

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            Hi Eoin

            Thanks for the suggestion.

            Same theme is used throughout though yes there is the red triangle. I would expect any formatting would have been copied too though when I copied the original popover to the new layout or is this not the case? Both layouts still show the same font and size for both the popover and content

            I have attached a screen grab as still confused why it is a completely different size in layout mode and browse mode as thought it would be a case of what you see is what you get unless the zoom level is changed which it definitely hasn't. Can anything else override this?


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              Just done some further experimentation and note that if the zoom level is returned to 100 in both browse and layout views the popover is exactly the same size.

              It is only if set to 150 that in layout mode it is significantly larger than in browse mode in this particular layout. On the original layout where things where all working fine both show the same size in browse mode and layout mode regardless of zoom.

              Don't know if this helps or adds to the confusion...