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Popover Script Trigger Question

Question asked by jarling on Sep 18, 2014
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Popover Script Trigger Question


I am attempting to control a popover's ability to "pop open" with a script trigger.  I only want my popover button to allow the popover to pop open if certain criteria are met.  Unfortunately, I am not having any success.

To test, I've just created a "Test" script with only the line "Exit Script [Result: False]".  I figured this would result in an action not occurring.  I've attached this script to every script trigger in the Set Script Triggers box that I get by right-clicking the popover button.  That is, I've set it to OnObjectEnter, OnObjectKeystroke, OnObjectModify, OnObjectValidate, and OnObjectSave.

In every case, my popover pops right open, no matter where I set my "False" script trigger.  I really need this popover to NOT open in certain cases.  What am I missing here?  Thanks in advance for the help.