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Question asked by DennisShovelin on Feb 17, 2015




I am using the Invoices Template to start an invoice piece for the Artist Gallery I am associated with.

I am having trouble creating a new popover.  I am just missing some understanding of popovers.  Here is what I am trying to do.

1.   Within the layout there is a portal for creating invoice data items.  It currently contains a popover for selecting products which is working fine.  The popover displays the products in a portal and you select what you want and the record is populated.

2.  I have created a new table called Artists.  I want to have another popover attached to that portal and display the records in a portal of the artists names.  I have set up the popover button and all that I get is a blank portal on the actual popover no records show to select and put the artists name into the invoice data table.

3.  I have setup relationships just like the product table but I still get no records. 

It is obvious to me that I am having some confusion on how to setup the relationships and tables to accomplish this.

If anyone can help me please respond.  Our Artist Gallery is a non-profit coop and I am trying to get us into 21st century for our invoicing.