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Populate a field that is not modifiable?

Question asked by paintboothguy on Feb 3, 2010
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Populate a field that is not modifiable?


Good Morning All, 


I have a relationship structure as follows:

Products>Line Items>All Invoices>Contact Management.


I have written a script that when run from the Contacts layout, will create a new record in the All Invoices layout, populate the Contact ID # field, which then automatically fills in the client's billing and shipping info.  Works great.


Now I have a new need.


At times I must generate an invoice billable to the Leasing company, but shipped to the client.  When I try to have a script populate the 'Billing Address' with that of the Leasing company, it tells me that the 'fields are not modifiable.'


Can anyone see a flaw in what I am trying to accomplish?