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Populate flatfile data to portals

Question asked by Lthompson on Nov 1, 2009
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Populate flatfile data to portals



I have a consolidated personal and professional contacts database which I want to serve as BOTH a flatfile and relational database.

My database consists of 4 physically seperate tables (contact,contactphone,contactdates, contactemails).


The contact database consists of an entry screen with portals to contactphone,contactdates and contactemails.

I want my filemaker to be the master data and update my outlook contacts.

So in my contacts database I have a contactcounter (serial number,autogenerated) which is also used in my contactphone,contactdates and contactemails (to link).

a)Some fields in contacts database:

contactcounter,lastname,firstname,company, jobtitle, notes)

b)Fields in contactphone:

contactcounter,type (Business,Home,Businessfax...= in valuelist),Phonenumber

c)Field in contactdates:

contactcounter,type(birthday,anniversary,spouse birthday..=in valuelist),date

d)Field in contactemail:

contactcounter,type (email,emailaddress2,emailaddress3..=in valuelist),email


I have been entering data manually one by one to populate my fields (ie convert my flatfile data into relational data).


Is there an elegant way to import 500 records from excel and populate the respective portal fields?

ie. first name, last name, company, job title (in contact); business phone, cell phone (contactphone); email, email2 (contactemail); birthday, anniversary (contactdates).


It is really painful to sync filemaker (has more data and is relational) to outlook (data changes constantly and is flatfile).

I am thinking of giving it up and making it all flatfile (one table).  Any suggestions will be appreciated.