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Populate foreign key

Question asked by deliciousapple on Jan 8, 2010
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Populate foreign key


I have a Clients database, which has tables such as "Clients", "Sessions", "Insurance Policy", "Payments" etc.


Currently, when I create a new session record from the session layout I click the foreign key field and choose the clients name in order to relate the two records.  (typical drop down list)


Problem is, if there are two clients with the same name it appears that only one of them is displayed (probably the first one created) 


I noticed that if I sort by the first field in the "Specify fields for value list" than all my clients show up, because I am sorting by a unique value.  This however is not ideal, nor intuitive to the end user. 


Ideas?  I thought about using some seperate find window to populate foreign key fields, however this might be beyond my skill set.


OS 10.6.2

FMP 10.0v3 

I have been working with Filemaker for about a year.