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Populate ID field in multiple related tables

Question asked by JoePerry on Jan 10, 2013
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Populate ID field in multiple related tables


     I am new to FM and my primary background is SQL server. I am creating a database and have a quesiton. In SQL there are processes called triggers that can run on a record create/update/delete to populate data in related tables. I cannot seem to find this in FM Pro. I have 2 tables:

Table 1




Table 2




     Serial Number

     I have built a relationship between the 2 tables on recID. What I need is for a record to be created in table 2 with just the recID field populated everytime a new record is created in table 1. So table 1 will be completely filled out and table 2 will have a row for each recID that can be filled out later. Has anyone done this before?