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    Populating a field based on user selection



      Populating a field based on user selection


      Hi all,

      I have a letter table which contains some basic information for the letter (date created, name, text and client reference).  I have been asked to put in some basic pre-prepared letter texts which the users can define and select when entering this mode (to save time I guess).

      My idea was to create a seperate table with the 'pre-defined letters' in (name of letter & text to use fields).  However I have confused myself. 

      If I do this can I use an edit field in drop down mode to return all the records in the pre-defined text table and then populate my letter text field and name field with the contents of the selection?  

      I can not for the life of me work out how to do this.


      Edit: I should note that beyond the text being pasted in there is no relationship between them required.

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          Format the text field with a drop down list.

          You will be able to select an option from the drop down and then edit the copy that appears in the field further after you have selected it.

          I imagine this will work best if the text in each value list entry is fairly short. You may need to use a portal of options with a button that copies the text of the clicked portal row to your text field if the "boiler plate" text is more complex in nature.