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Populating a field from a checklist

Question asked by AndrewKing on Apr 1, 2011
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Populating a field from a checklist


Hello everyone, I've recently started using FileMaker after a Numbers speadsheet started getting too massive to handle, so I'm pretty new at this. I'm making an educational assignment system, where assignments for the UK BTEC specification can be produced very quickly, this will then expand into an assigment planner and assessment management system... eventually!

For now I just have a couple of tables, Table one is called 'Units' and contains units and the corresponding educational grading criteria in the format 'P1, P2, P3 etc...'

The other table is called 'Assignments' where all of the grading criteria from the Units table is pulled in according to options that are selected.

I have created a layout that allows me to create an assignment and this includes a checklist of custom values that correspond to the criteria in the Units table.

What I need to do is populate a field in this layout that includes the records from the Units table for all of the criteria that I have checked, is this possible?