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    populating a form based on a dropdown



      populating a form based on a dropdown


           I have a table with many fields that need to be captured for each entry.  It was just brought to my attention that there will be several recurring combinations of values for this form (a protocol is being standardized) so rather than hard entering the field for each parameter, we would like to be able to select an option from a dropdown and have that automatically populate the form with predetermined values.  Is this easily possible?  Do I need to write a script that is triggrered by each option in the drop down that uses "set field" script steps to determine each field?  




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               While you could script this, it's a more flexible approach to set up a related table where you have a record for each set of "predetermined values". When you select a value in the dropdown, Auto-enter options on the individual fields can copy data from corresponding fields in the related record. This is more flexible, because you can change what values are copied over by editing data in the related table instead of having to modify your script.

               Here's a link on the concept: Auto Fill