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Populating a join table

Question asked by joe@infocore on Jan 2, 2012
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Populating a join table


I am having a problem with many-to-many relationships.  I have built the recommended "join" table but am having a problem populating it as I add records on either side.  Here is the situation:

I have an "Employee" table and each employee can have many skills which are recorded in an "Employee Skill" table.  These are entered in a portal on the Employee layout. 

Each employee has multiple dates on which they are available which are recorded in a "Scheduled Days" table.  These dates are entered into another portal on the Employee layout.

I need to be able to create a portal on another layout that displays all "Employee Skills" for artists who are available on a selected date.  To do this, I created a join table between the "Employee Skills" table and the "Scheduled Days" table.  I need to know how I can populate/update this join table as I add or modify an employee's skills or scheduled days.

All suggestions or advice are most appreciated.