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Populating Data from Different Tables/Fields

Question asked by KiwiKim25 on Jan 18, 2012
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Populating Data from Different Tables/Fields


Hello!!  I've hit a snag, and am hoping for some help!

I have a "Behavior Table" and a "Requests Table".  In the behavior table I have a date, and a text box to enter notes.  In the Requests table I have a date and radio button options for chosing what request is made (although I might have to change that.. but that's another issue).

What I want is, when I enter a date and request, I'd like the date/request to be entered into the behavior table (date/comments) as well, without having to go and do it manually. 

Eventually I'd like my other tables/fields to do that as well (Social Housing History and others).

Is this something I can accomplish with scripts (which I'm horrible at)?  I tried relating the "date"s in the relationship table, but then i end up with blanks in my Requests Table every time there is an entry on the Behavior Table.

All the tables are related via the Animal ID Number, which is unique to each animal.

I've included a picture to help expain better... 

Please help!!

Thank you!