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populating data from one table to another using set field

Question asked by BarbaraSevde on Jan 11, 2012
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populating data from one table to another using set field


This is for a solution for a farrier.  I originally had the barn contact fields as part of the owner contact table (like you might have a shipping/billing address,) and showing in a tab in the owner contact layout.  I successfully used a script to populate the barn info identical to the owner info using only set fields in the script. 


However, a situation has come up that an owner has several  horses at 3 different barns. So I decided to make a separate table named Barns, and related barns to horses (one to many.)  Horse are already related to owners (many to one.)  

I would like the option, during data entry, to use the owner contact info to make a new record in the barn contact layout (as some owners simply have horses on their own property.)  I don’t need the relationship  between owner and barn for reporting purposes.  

      I tried modifying the same script I used in the original solution, but added

Go to layout ( Barns)

New Record /Request

      then continued with set fields 

Set Field[Barns::Name_Barn; Owners::Name_Full_First_First_Name]

Set Field[Barns::Address_Barn_Street; Owners::Address_Street]


When I run the script, it goes to the layout, enters a new record, but the fields don’t populate. 

I thought maybe I need a direct relationship between Barn ID and Owner ID, so I added another field occurrence Owners 2, with _kp_owner_ID related to _kf_owner_ID and changed the Owners to Owners 2 table as the source in the set fields.  That also didn’t work.  

Anyone know what why this is not working? What am I missing?