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Populating fields with a "checkbox" or a button

Question asked by PabloToscano on Jan 9, 2012
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Populating fields with a "checkbox" or a button


Is it possible to populate fields using a button or a checkbox? I have two teams of workers in a database, (15 guys each one) and I would like to be able to populate my pay roll in a kind of "automated way". What a currently have,  is a 15 fields lay out for the workers name, as well as 15 hourly wage fields, and 15 "worked hours" fields, and I manually populate them from a value list containg the names, and a value list for wages for all the workers. Is there a way to populate the fields using or cliking a button, that correspons to the selected team?, can I by Cliking the team 1 button,  populate the name and hourly wage fields, for the entire team?

Any help will be highly apreciatted.

NOTE: I am not a databases developer, I just have the basic knowledge,  and i have been bulding my own database to run my bussines, for the last couple of years. 

Pablo T.