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    Populating fields with a "checkbox" or a button



      Populating fields with a "checkbox" or a button


      Is it possible to populate fields using a button or a checkbox? I have two teams of workers in a database, (15 guys each one) and I would like to be able to populate my pay roll in a kind of "automated way". What a currently have,  is a 15 fields lay out for the workers name, as well as 15 hourly wage fields, and 15 "worked hours" fields, and I manually populate them from a value list containg the names, and a value list for wages for all the workers. Is there a way to populate the fields using or cliking a button, that correspons to the selected team?, can I by Cliking the team 1 button,  populate the name and hourly wage fields, for the entire team?

      Any help will be highly apreciatted.

      NOTE: I am not a databases developer, I just have the basic knowledge,  and i have been bulding my own database to run my bussines, for the last couple of years. 

      Pablo T.

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          Yes, both a check box and a button format are possible here, but you need to change your database structure first.

          Having 15 fields for worker name, 15 fields for wage fields, 15 fields for worked hours is cumbersome.

          You should set up a table of individual records where each record records time worked for one worker on one day or shift. (Can even be two records if you clock workers in and out on their lunch break.)

          These records should be linked to a related table of employees by an employeeID number.

          In addition to the options listed, you can also automate FileMaker with a barcode or magnetic strip reader to automate employees clocking in and out by scanning a Worker ID card.

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            Thank you very much, I am setting up the new tables, I will post an aimage of the tables, I hoipe they are set up in a proper way.


            Best regards!