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Populating inventory received.

Question asked by ChrisCameron on Apr 17, 2012
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Populating inventory received.


I am not having any luck with bringing in the inventory. To help you understand I have 4 Tables:Customers, Products, Invoices, Receiving

Customers has your general Information along with address

Products has a list of products their barcode, description, cost, quantity 

Invoices uses the customer information to insert billing and the product information 

All these tables are set up and configured with how I want them


The receiving table I would like to be set up to query the products just like I have within Invoices but to add the quantity to stock. I am not able to get the product list to be displayed even after adjusting the table relationships. I have the product ID mapped under related items. Any help you can lend would be helpful and if you need a screenshot or file please let me know. Thanks. 

posted Yesterday by PhilModJunk

@Chris Cameron,

Since you aren't the original poster and this is a complex issue where the orignator never fully described their solution, it would have been better for you to start your own thread so that my responses to you do not mingle with responses to Henry Hu.

How do you list individual items on your invoice without a related line items table? this is necessary if you are to manage inventory for multiple items sold on each invoice. (But maybe you are selling "big ticket" items like cars and only have one item listed on each invoice...)


@PhilModJunk, I am currently using line items within Invoices. Even when specifying the field in my receiving table the entries don't populate. I have made sure that both tables have a relationship to the line items.