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Populating tasks with information

Question asked by abunce515 on Jul 16, 2014
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Populating tasks with information


     Hello - and as always, thanks in advance for the help.

     This currently works on four tables - Listings, jn_TaskType_Listings, Task Type, and Tasks

     I am putting this information on the listings layout.

     What I am doing is using a portal from jn_TaskType_Listings to select something like "buyer" or "seller".  After selecting that I have another portal from the Tasks table that shows all the tasks with that particular TaskType.  

     This is working successfully.  But what I am wanting to do is add fields that I can input the task completion date.  and the task due date.  And I am assuming I can't put these fields in the Task table because then the field contents would reflect on all the separate listings.  I can't put it in the Join table because then that would just give me info for the complete set of tasks. 

     With the due date I am wanting to do a calculation field that takes the days field (will be a number) and adds it to the listing date if its a seller, or the acceptance date if its a buyer.  

     any help is appreciated, thank you.