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Populating Value Lists using Script

Question asked by BodiceaOverall on Jul 7, 2010
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Populating Value Lists using Script


Hello Gurus

I am trying populate a field using a drop down list, which works well if I only want to display two fields.  This is extremely restricting.  After working with MS Access for years I am assuming this can also be achieved using a script, but I have no idea how to do this.


Anyone any suggestions:

I have a student table that I want to allocate to a time slot on a timetable and the structure and data of my table is as follows:

StudentID = STU001

First Name = George

Last Name = Clooney

I want the destination table (tblData_Schedule) to hold he StudentID but in the layout I want the user to select the Student by Name.  Using the layout tools I can have:

"George Clooney" displayed but Student field in my tblData_Schedule = George....not good

"STUD001 George" displayed and get Student field = STUD001, good for me but not for the user.

Muchly appreciated.