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    Population of another Table.



      Population of another Table.



           I have a database currently with one table. This one table has around 650 records. The aim of the database is to manage potential clients for the company I work for, based on location. The 650 records are from around 7 different locations. As time goes on, this database is going to get much much bigger.

           What I would like to do - if possible - is populate other tables (locations) based on the data of a field within the big table.
           Reading this sounds somewhat confusing so...

           Table 1 - 650 records, one field named "County".
           Table 2 - 150 records, populated from Table 1 based on records that have "Vale of Glamorgan" as their County.

           I have a huge feeling that this can be done, I have vague memories of doing it in Access a long time ago but can't seem to figure it out in File Maker Pro.

           Kinda forgot some important information. The reason I need the Table 2 with location specific information is so that our sales people can contact the people specific to their own locations. They will be using the filemaker app for iPad so I hope to restrict them to only viewing what they need to view.

           Thanks in advance.

           Rhys Willis


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               Answering a question with a question:

               Yes it can be done...but why do it?

               You can work in a found set pertaining to the county of interest and keep it as one table.

               Is there a reason other than "It will get big" that you would want to split the table into multiple tables?

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                 Simply permission issues.

                 The way things are done currently, our sales personel are messing everything up and putting their own style to things.

                 I would rather restrict the sales as much as possible. I may be wrong in thinking, if I can limit their view of information down to a single table, that means they can only do so much. I know you can 'find' by location, but it is my worry that if I leave that to sales, they will also be able to view and access the rest of the table and it somewhat puts us back to square one.

                 My hope was, by populating the table with information from another table would also work backwards. By this I mean, whatever information is added by "sales person 1" would then be reintergrated into the main table.

                 If there is a by far simpler way to do this - ie allow one person to see only a small portion of a table at a time, without him or her having access to the remainder - I would love to know how.

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                   If "Donna" should only see "County Glamorgan", simply set her record permissions for the one table to View>>Limited:

                   Table::County = "Vale of Glamorgan"

                   I use this same method for my dbases, you can only see or edit records that you yourself created.  But they are all in one table....

                   Read up on the on-board help index for record level access privileges...they work rather well.

                   Side note:  Make sure your navigation buttons move from found set to found set.  Any user can go to the record...but they won't be able to see it and they'll think it is blank.  For example, my "Show All Records" button actually does a find for that person's account name...it does not "show all records"...only the ones they are allowed to see.

                   Seeing a bunch of blank-looking records is annoying and upsetting to most folks.

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                     Thats brilliant. Thanks ninja. :)

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                       Ohh, one last thing Ninja.

                       I had have a table and for some reasno I just can't rename it. Looking at my list of Tables its name is Glasgow, but I want to rename it to "Unsorted Instructors". I have looked everywhere but I can't seem to find the right place.

                       I am using Filemaker Pro 12


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                         File>Manage Database...Tables Tab (far left top).

                         Select the table, the name shows up in the bottom edit box.  Type the new name in and hit the "Change" button.