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Population of another Table.

Question asked by RhysWillis on Jun 17, 2013
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Population of another Table.



     I have a database currently with one table. This one table has around 650 records. The aim of the database is to manage potential clients for the company I work for, based on location. The 650 records are from around 7 different locations. As time goes on, this database is going to get much much bigger.

     What I would like to do - if possible - is populate other tables (locations) based on the data of a field within the big table.
     Reading this sounds somewhat confusing so...

     Table 1 - 650 records, one field named "County".
     Table 2 - 150 records, populated from Table 1 based on records that have "Vale of Glamorgan" as their County.

     I have a huge feeling that this can be done, I have vague memories of doing it in Access a long time ago but can't seem to figure it out in File Maker Pro.

     Kinda forgot some important information. The reason I need the Table 2 with location specific information is so that our sales people can contact the people specific to their own locations. They will be using the filemaker app for iPad so I hope to restrict them to only viewing what they need to view.

     Thanks in advance.

     Rhys Willis