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Populationg Data to an Invoice Layout

Question asked by ScottSesen on Aug 23, 2011
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Populationg Data to an Invoice Layout



I am trying to create an invoice to print.  I have created the following fields:


Service 1 Quantity   Service 1 Description   Service 1 Unit Price   Service 1 Total Price


Service 2 Quantity   Service 2 Description   Service 2 Unit Price   Service 2 Total Price


Service 3 Quantity   Service 3 Description   Service 3 Unit Price   Service 3 Total Price


Note that "Service" is generic for the actual field names as they are named after the service provided.


I want the data to transfer to an invoice with only the services that have data in them to show up on the invoice so if we offer 15 services and only three are used and have been filled out then the invoice will only show those amounts/data.


Any ideas?