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    Popup Box as Report Filter



      Popup Box as Report Filter


           I am using a List View Layout to filter and report on employees depending on certain criteria.

           The criteria is chosen by a popup menu in the header.  They have the choice of Showing All, Invalid, Valid, Missing, or Expired.  A script trigger On Object Modify is set and the script performs a find or show all records based on the search criteria chosen in the popup menu.

           The script works in displaying the chosen records.  The problem is that the item that is shown in the popup menu sometimes displays a different selection.  Option 1 is chosen, data is filtered off of option 1, but option 4 is displayed in the popup field.  Choosing the selection criteria a second time corrects the issue.

           I tried changing the script trigger to On Object Validate, but it had no effect.  I tried showing all at the start of the script to make sure I reset the find, but that also did not do anything.

           Script is attached.



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               Is the field for the popup menu a global field? I don't think that it is and thus you see data in the header from a different record than the one that you originally modified when you selected a value from the pop up men. It would seem specifying a global storage option for this field would resolve the immediate issue.

               Note: When you put a non global field in the header or footer of a layout, in Browse mode, you will see data in that field from which ever record is current. Simply clicking on different records on the layout can cause different data to appear in such a field. But in Preview Mode or when printing from the layout, the header will show data from the first record on a given page and the footer will show data from the last record on a given page.

               You may also find the scripted find examples used here to be of interest: Scripted Find Examples

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                 Absolutely fixed the problem.  Typically the simplest solutions get overlooked.  Thank you for your help.