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Popup Field with Arbitrary Values

Question asked by SimonB. on Jan 31, 2014
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Popup Field with Arbitrary Values


     Hi everyone. It's the first time I post here. Most of the time, I can find answers in the already big database, so I didn't feel the need to drop in.

     My question is simple: is it possible to have a popup menu with arbitrary values, not related to anything in the database? I want to create a search option, of the type "contains, starts with, ends with". I made a custom list with the 3 options, but these values have nothing to do with the database, they are just accessory to the user. Yet, when I lay down a field, it has to be linked to some entry in the database, by definition. Some goes with radio buttons or any other control.

     Do I really have to create a useless field in my table just to have this functionality?

     Thanks for your help.