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Popup from Values List -- without assigning a field?

Question asked by pauhana658 on Sep 6, 2012
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Popup from Values List -- without assigning a field?


Rather than clutter a layout with buttons that each execute a script, I'd like to create simple popup controls and populate each with script names from a value list of custom values. Selecting a value from the popup executes the script by that name. In the attached image, I have three groups of buttons. I'd like to create a popup for each of these three groups.

Near as I can tell, I must associate the control with a field (despite what the tooltip seems to imply), and the value selected from the popup is inserted into a field and becomes part of the record. Not want. 

I also don't want to create custom menus just for this. 

Is it possible to create a popup control that is NOT associated with a field?