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    Popup menu issues on Windows



      Popup menu issues on Windows


           I dev on a Mac.  To my surprise, pop-up menus ate painful to use on Windows as they don't allow for keyboard input like they do on my Mac.  I don't want to use drop down lists because I don't want to allow users to freely type into the field.  Ay way to use a popup menu on Windows while allowing users to type in a value and find the value on the popup list?  


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               I use drop down lists so extensively (Like the auto-complete feature), I hadn't noticed that this was the case in FileMaker 12. In FileMaker 11, windows has more "type in" sensitivity than Macs. I think this one merits a bug report in "Report an Issue".

               You might consider using a drop down list, but with a validation rule that limits options to values that are only members of the defined value list.