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Popup Menu Type Ahead

Question asked by MarkMerrywest on Jan 16, 2013
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Popup Menu Type Ahead


     Would be very grateful for some help.

     I have made a database using FM Pro 12 on a Mac. There are several Popup Menus with value lists containing various things. Some are lookup from a field and some custom values.

     It is working perfectly on the mac version, I click the popup, up comes the list, if I start typing it takes me down to the right place in the list.

     BUT ...

     It doesnt do the same thing on Windows - it brings up the list, but I have to scroll up and down. There are a large number of values, so type ahead is very important.

     Does anyone have this same problem - or can anyone get it to type ahead on windows with a popup menu. It seems to be ok in a browser with IWP

     Thanks for your help