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    Popup Window Picker Scripts



      Popup Window Picker Scripts


      What is the common scripting practice for a "popup picker"?

      That is: user clicks a button, a new window opens up, an item is selected, the window automatically closes and that selected item is placed in a field in the original window.

      I have this functioning with the unfortunate "script is paused" continue button thing. I must be missing something obvious with subscripts and the Exit Script [] function or the Pause/Resume function.

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          What is the specific problem that you are having with the paused script?

          Pausing it is the only way I know to make the pop up selection window "modal" (use cannot interact with other windows until the pop up window is closed.)

          Usually you hide the status area, disable user aborts and then put the pause/resume step inside an infinite loop.

          Clicking a button in the window (such as that to select an item in the list) cancels the paused script and closes the window as well as using set variable/set field to copy data from the selected record to a field in the underliying window.