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port forwarding into host filemaker pro database

Question asked by markt on Oct 10, 2008
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port forwarding into host filemaker pro database


I am using Filemaker Pro 9 on 5 computers one being the host. 


I am new to Filemaker Pro. I have 3 computers in same office, and 2 computers in satellite offices. I want to port forward using 5003 into host computer.


from what i understand, i need to setup my router where the host computer is and allow port forward with the 5003 port...I also allow database in filemaker pro to share. Do i also need to set a pinhole in the firewall to allow filemaker pro users through, or is that done by prior step?


also, is there any special settings for the routers of the remote computers, or settings for the computer itself?


I am understand to open filemaker pro and choose open remote...then type in the ip address where to find the host i use the internal IP of the host or the external IP? it has the default LDAP port of 389...should that stay as is? or is this where to put in 5003? in VNC, you put the :5003 port behind the IP address...


i have been unable to find the database remotely since I have set it up this past week...