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    Port Numer Conflict



      Port Numer Conflict


      I know this issue has been posted about before, but I searched and couldn't find any solutions.


      I am running FM 9 Pro Adv on a Mac with leopard.  When I try to open FM by clicking on a .fp7 or clicking on the FM icon on the bottom bar I get an error message that reads "FM cannot shar files over the web because of a port number conflict".  It then asks me to change the port.  I toggle between 80 and 591 but to no avail, I keep getting the same error.


      Does anyone know how to find out what is using those ports and creating the conflicts, and how I can go about freeing one of those ports so I can enable IWP?


      Second (less important question), can IWP be set up over a non internet system (poorly described, I know).  For example, have one computer acting as the host, and this computer is wired to a wirless router, and other computers that can connect to the router access the db through IWP?  The wireless router is not connected to the internet though.  Could this be described as a intranet?




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          Yes you could use it with a setup as such.


          Port 80 can be blocked by other applications such as Skype and web servers. To check what is running on your ports, try doing a netstat.


          Also since port 80 is the default, if you change the port to 591, you will want to access it by a means such as : http://yourserverIP:591

          Make sure that you assign a static IP for the server machine and that your router has port 591 open.




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               I'm suddenly getting this error with FMPA 9 and 10. Just last week, everything was fine. My Mac (Leopard 10.5.7) is set not to web publish. Skype is installed, but has been for weeks. Netstat shows me no useful information I can see (nothing that says, "yes, XYZ application is using port 80"). Pinging port 80 shows it is open. Could this be an OS update issue? I'm not certain when when the last update was performed, but I think it, too pre-dates when FMPA 10 was successfully web publishing. I have no solution yet.
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              Intelligent Database:


              Thank you for your post.


              What occurs when you set the Instant Web Publishing port to 591?  Port 591 is registered to FileMaker, so no other application can use it.


              I'm running FileMaker Pro 10 Advanced on OS X 10.5.7 without any problem.



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                I hadn't switched the port, but that made sense to try, to see if it was FMP erroneously reporting a problem on any port, rather than port 80 being used by another process on the machine.


                That 'solved' the problem, but presented another mystery. When I launched v10, I got the port conflict dialog. Switched the port, no problem, then quit. Launching v9 did NOT yield the port conflict, and was successful at switching the port to 591 as well. Quit, launched v10 again, switched the port back to 80... no problem.


                So where was the problem, I wonder? The system had been restarted once or twice during this symptom. Both versions were not running simultaneously. It didn't seem to be any kind of latency causing the system to think one version of FMP was still using the port when quitting and relaunching the other version.


                Weird, but now I'm back to port 80 just fine (not that I it's necessary for testing anyway...) 

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                  Intelligent Database:


                  I've run into the same type of issue with both Mac OS X 10.5.7 and Windows.  This is what occurs internally...


                  When FileMaker Pro 10 launches, the port for Instant Web Publishing (default port 80) is being used.  If you then launch FileMaker Pro 9, it will see the same port being used and display the port conflict error message.


                  I know you aren't running both applications simultaneously, but when you quit out of FileMaker Pro 10, the application quits, but in the background, the task may take a few more seconds (up to a minute) to release the port.  Therefore, you could start FileMaker Pro 9 after FileMaker Pro 10 has quit and still receive the same port conflict error message.  That is the main reason why I assign port 591 to FileMaker Pro 10 and leave the default port 80 for all previous versions of FileMaker Pro installed on my machine.



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                    I've been trying for 3 straight days now to figure out how to get the internet web publishing to work for my database.


                    I'm running Mac OS X 10.6.1 with filemaker pro 10 advanced.  


                    All I want to do is be able to publish my database online so one of my employees can access it over the web (without making my computer vulnerable to hacks).  I always considered myself "tech savvy", but this has taken me to the limit.   


                    I've tried changing the port in the sharing settings (to 591) and made sure that the database is accessible (I can see it from other computers in my home network), but what else is required?


                    I have airport extreme router and have port mapping enabled for port 591.


                    Any help would be greatly appreciated!



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                      Thank you for your post, and I apologize for the late reply.


                      Setting up your database for Sharing over the network and sharing using Instant Web Publishing are two different steps.


                      Pull down the File menu and select "Sharing -> Instant Web Publishing...".  Turn on Instant Web Publishing, and the URL for access will then display.  In the bottom left corner, select the file you want to share via Instant Web Publishing, and in the bottom right panel, make sure you set access to All users.  Now, remote users should be able to enter:


                      http://<IP Address>:591


                      (assuming you left Instant Web Publishing port as 591).


                      If you don't have a static IP address, then only users in the local network will be able to access the file.


                      Let me know if you need clarification for any of the above steps.



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