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      hello friends.

                           I want to know how i can do to a portal let me look all records and also look trought a field sort records.

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          A portal can be set up with the cartesian join operator (x) instead of the default = in order to list all records in the portal's table.

          Not sure what you are asking here:

          ...let me look all records and also look trought a field sort records

          Portals cannot be dynamically sorted. There are at least two work arounds, both with significant drawbacks if that's what you want to do...

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            thanks but i want to do is that when I change a menu to "all records" appear all the records and when I switch to "fruits and vegetables" appear me only records of that department and also in all this events ignore a departament in this case "Packets"

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              If you have FileMaker 11, you can use portal filtering for this.

              Add a field with global storage, we'll call it Globals::gFilterOption, to your layout. Format it with a value list of filtering options.

              Give your portal a filter expression such as:

              ( Globals::gFilterOption = "All Records" or
              Globals::gFilterOption = PortalTable::department ) AND
              PortalTable::Department ≠ "Packets"

              Use the OnObjectModify (popup menus or radio buttons) or OnObjectExit (Textbox or drop down list) script trigger on this field to perform this script:

              Commit Record
              Refresh Window [Flush cached join results]

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                Thanks Friend.