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Question asked by DranLang on Oct 3, 2013
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     Hi everyone!  Is it possible to search data range in a portal?  I have a project from my boss coming from another department to come up with a way to search records, all the records that they wanted to search are in a portal.  I already have a script that searches for a range of dates but if I use it to search a range of dates that are in a portal it won't display the result in a portal, the portal still shows the entire content of the portal.  How can I make this to run properly?  Here's the script I wrote:


     Go to Layout[<LayoutName>]

     Enter Find Mode []

     Set Field {<Condition>]

     Perform Find []

     Sort Records[Restore; No dialog]

     End If


     Is there something I need to add or what do I need to change?  Thank you and any idea/ help is deeply appreciated!