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Question asked by ezz on Sep 29, 2012
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Portal & Relationship Filter Help (Unmatched Record Combinations)


     I am trying to create a table occurance that contains unmatched record combinations 3 tables and keep getting stuck...

     Table A: A_id

     Table B: B-id

     Table C: A_id & B-id (So this table contains record combinations of Table A and Table B primary keys.


     On Layout B, I want to see a portal that shows items from Table A that have not yet been used in Table C based on the combo match. I almost can get it working by the not equlas to join but it will only filter out the first record it finds instead of all records in Table A.


     I am struggling to pick the right words to describe or search for help... another way of putting it would be based on the table layout I want to see 2 portals on a layout showing used and unsused items. Each combination of items can only be used once. Say table A is colors and Table B is shapes and  Table C holds combos of A & B such as Red Square, Green Square and Blue Square. On the Layout B for Shapes I want 2 portals. One showing Colors not used by Square yet and the other showing the used colours as per Table C. Showing the used colours is not an issue via a simple equals join from B to C on shape but I can not get another portal to show the colors not used only. Based on a not equal to join it will filter out only the first found combo match in A not all. I prefer to be able to achieve this in a table occurance as the portal will then need to be filtered down again in its own filter criteria based on other criteria.


     Hope this makes sense to someone :)