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    Portal 'weirdness'..



      Portal 'weirdness'..


      I have FM 10 advanced running in OSX.  I keep running into this problem and can't really figure out what the "rule" is supposed to be.  To wit:


      When I create a portal, it, and it's fields, are usually too small.  So, I widen the fields and the portal widens appropriately.  Good.  But, at this point the fields are 'behind' / invisible to the portal.  So, I drag them off the form.  Release.  Drag them back and now they are on top of the portal top row where they are supposed to be.  I got this 'rule'.


      But, typically, even though the fields are totally within the top row, when viewed nothing shows.... grrrr (*&@#(#&#& .  No amount of pushing, fudging, adjusting will change it.  If I screw arounnd with it long enough it eventually works but the situation begs this question:  "What is the FM rule to get the fields to show in the portal?"



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          "What is the FM rule to get the fields to show in the portal?"
          The top of the field must be wholly below the top line of the portal. Try selecting the fields and nudging them down one pixel (down arrow), then checking in Browse mode.


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            Thanks for the reply. 


            I did the 'nudging'' thing with no success.  Then I went into the Relationship diagram and selected the 'add new records' and 'delete records...' choices for the portal table.   Then it works.


            Is this a FM "feature"?  :smileysurprised:

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              Well as far as the relationship goes, you turn on the delete related records option when it makes sense but it can have undesirable effects. I don't know what the relationship is you are working with so I cannot advise on that.


              The other option to allow creation of related records is also turned on when needed. What I think you were seeing is that you have a portal, no related records and no way to add related records. Turning on the option to allow creation of related records made the first record active to allow you to create one. But there are other ways.


              But you said "even though the fields are totally within the top row, when viewed nothing shows". What I did not realise is that there was nothing to show - initially there are no related records. But you now have it working as expected so that is good. 

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                If I understand you correctly, what you say seems to make sense.  When I create the portal and set the relationship I can not add fields to the top of the portal.  They just get positioned behind it. 


                Since there are no records in the child table this 'feature' would make sense.  But, when I edit the relationship to 'add new records...' the fields show up to allow me to do so. 


                Thanks for the reply.


                Onward through the fog....