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Portal 'weirdness'..

Question asked by synergy46 on Feb 18, 2009
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Portal 'weirdness'..


I have FM 10 advanced running in OSX.  I keep running into this problem and can't really figure out what the "rule" is supposed to be.  To wit:


When I create a portal, it, and it's fields, are usually too small.  So, I widen the fields and the portal widens appropriately.  Good.  But, at this point the fields are 'behind' / invisible to the portal.  So, I drag them off the form.  Release.  Drag them back and now they are on top of the portal top row where they are supposed to be.  I got this 'rule'.


But, typically, even though the fields are totally within the top row, when viewed nothing shows.... grrrr (*&@#(#&#& .  No amount of pushing, fudging, adjusting will change it.  If I screw arounnd with it long enough it eventually works but the situation begs this question:  "What is the FM rule to get the fields to show in the portal?"