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Portal - Flickering / Flashing

Question asked by Jagman on Sep 15, 2009
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Portal - Flickering / Flashing


I am both a newbie to the Mac and Filemaker communities, having been a Windows user for many years, working primarily with PC databases


This year I have purchased an iMac 24" and a MacBook 13", and wished I'd gotten into Apple a long time ago


Mac database wise, I started off with Bento 2, which is great but fairly limiting and I'm now starting to get to grips with Filemaker Pro 10 Advanced


Graphically, Bento produces some beautiful layouts, whilst it seems to take some enormous effort to create something similar with Filemaker


The gripe I have at the moment is the flickering/flashing when using Portals.  If the portal is transparent I get a white flash when moving from record to record, if I use vertical lines to separate fields in the portal they flicker when moving from record to record


Having looked through forums it seems that this problem is a common thread for Windows users, Macs they say, run without such issues


What am I doing wrong?  It took me ages to work out how to turn off the horrible dotted lines around fields (disable Show field frames when record is active under Layout/Setup).  Is there some similar option I need to look for?


I've only been playing around with the portals after installing Snow Leopard so I can't say whether the issue happened before