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Portal - Horizontal scroll

Question asked by JohnFish on Apr 28, 2015
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Portal - Horizontal scroll


I have successfully set up a portal on a form, with 8 fields. However, Filemaker Advanced 12 automatically sized the fields so they all fit into the portal visible area and some are only partially readable. Naturally, I would like to lengthen and resize the fields so I can have a better view. However, it looks like FM only lets you use the area within the borders of the form inside the portal to contain your fields.
How do you resize the fields so that they extend to the right, outside the portal size. I'm assuming that then I can scroll horizontally when viewing the form to move to the fields outside the right side of the portal to view them.
I have seen some references to "a horizontal portal" here on the forum and they say it is not possible in FM. Surely, that cannot be true.
Please advise ....