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Portal - How to show a "child" record if it has two or more "parents"

Question asked by aga on Apr 22, 2013
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Portal - How to show a "child" record if it has two or more "parents"



     I have one table in the FM DB that has a parent-child entries. It was only one Parent to Many Children at first. Now I need to add the functionality that ONE Child can also have MANY Parents.  If for the CHILD record, in the field called "PARENTID" I enter more then one ID, then this record is no longer displayed in the Portal on my layout, the Portal does not understand that there are now Two IDs in that field.

     I have two Portals on my layout:
     1. Shows all the Parents - Parents Portal
     2. Child Portal - when I select a record from the Parents Portal then all the Children records show in the Child Portal

     Is there a way to have More then one Parent that when selected on the Parent Portal would show the same Child in the Child Portal?

     Thank you for your help!