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Portal - list unique values only?

Question asked by StylisticGambit on May 21, 2014
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Portal - list unique values only?


     Say I have a PRODUCTS table with 100,000 records.  One of the fields in this table is CATEGORY (validated to be non-empty).  So each record in the PRODUCTS table has a CATEGORY; there are currently about 40 total categories, but this number may change depending on the records in the PRODUCTS table.
     I’d like to create a portal from an INVOICES table to the PRODUCTS table which displays a list of all unique CATEGORY items.  So, I want a portal with 40 entries, not 100,000.  Also, to complicate matters, this portal will have to operate over a low-bandwidth internet connection.  Does anyone have a solution for this?
     Here’s a possible starting point.  I can create a value list of all items in the CATEGORY field and it behaves exactly how I want my portal to: modifications to the CATEGORY field for any record will dynamically update the value list, and this process requires almost no bandwidth.  However, I’d really like to find a similar solution using a portal because it would allow me to define a button for each portal row.