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    Portal - Relationship Issue...



      Portal - Relationship Issue...


           Hi All,

           One of the DB's I've been working on for a while is finally ready to come online.  However, I've just discovered I have a portal/relationship issue I don't understand.  When I try to add new records to one table it creates unrelated records in another table.  Since the data is sensitive I've created a simplified version of the problem area. The link is below.


           The problem occurs when I update the Customer Profile with a Sales Staff Name and their Specialty.  Instead of just associating it with the information that's already there, it creates a new record on the SalesStaff table.  Too, the portal on the layout is supposed to show all the customers that each sales person has in the portal, not create a new record and also show multiple data per for each sales person. Clearly, there is something I'm not grasping, because no matter what I do, it just won't work.

           If I could just see this simple portal working like I want it to, from all sides, I think the light might go on and I'd truly understand the whole portal concept.

           Any help would be appreciated, even a link to another working example. Thanks.

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               When you:


                    update the Customer Profile with a Sales Staff Name and their Specialty

               You are presumably entering or selecting data in some fields in the portal row. From what table (and Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?) do this fields come from?

               I suspect that you have at least one of the fields into which you are entering data selected from the table where you are getting your new records that you don't want. You can select a field while in layout mode and check the setting in "Display Data From" in the Inspector to see from which table they have been selected when adding that field to your portal row.

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                 Actually, I'm only using the portal to view the records.  I actually enter the customer info in the Customer Profile Table, then the last two fields on this layout are where the Sales Staff member and their respective Specialty are chosen (drop-downs) to pair them up to the customers needs.  These two last fields come from the Sales Staff Table.

                 Does this make sense to you?

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                   Okay, so I tried entering this info through the portal and it works...on this version as well as the real database.  Looks like I have a problem somewhere else.  I have the data entry layout set up to populate with the previous layouts record index, but something is amiss all of a sudden.  Looks like I may be viewing my problem from the wrong direction.