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    Portal - Relationships Issues



      Portal - Relationships Issues


      Delima: I get multible lines of the same conditionCode with the Total Qty

      The problem is in my relationship, I just can't seem to get it.

      Portal: I want to show the Total Inventory for each ConditionCode on each line in the portal

      As you can see in the Screenshot below Condition Code 2 is showing twice when in fact there are two records totalling 4 each



      Fields  ItemNumber (Unique, only one of each ItemNumber)



      Fields   ItemNumber 

                        ConditionCode ( there are 8 of these ) different cost per condition

         Cost (for each Conditioncode)

         AskingPrice ( for each ConditionCode)


      Fields ItemNumber 





      Storeroom / ItemMaster (related by Item#    =  Portal

      Storeroom / ItemMaster (Related by Item# =  Fields in portal - Condition Code, On-Hand , Row, Shelf, Bin, Other

      CostMaster / Storeroom_ItemMaster (related by Item# & ConditionCode) = Fields in Portal - Cost, FMV low, FMV, Asking, Price

      Please help


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          I'm not sure that understand your list of relationships.

          I can see that you have

          ItemMaster::ItemNumber = StoreRoom::ItemNumber

          but can't tell what you mean by "CostMaster / StoreRoom_ItemMaster

          as you don't list a table called StoreRoom_ItemMaster

          Also, what do you have selected in Layout Setup...|Show Records From for this layout and what do you have selected in Portal Setup...|Show Records From for this portal?

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            Storeroom is a table

            CostMaster is a table

            ItemMaster is a table

            Relationships are Storeroom and the ItemMaster related by the Item# (this is the relationship I'm using for the Portal

            That is CostMaster table,  and the Storeroom table related by the Item# (this is the relationship for may cost and pricing fields in the portal)

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              So you have

              Storeroom::ItemNumber = ItemMaster::ItemNumber

              CostMaster::ItemNumber = StoreRoom::ItemNumber

              So to repeat:

              In layout setup... | Show records from, what is selected?

              In Portal Setup.... | Show Records From, what is selected?