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    Portal - unique values - filter



      Portal - unique values - filter




      (simple ... but can't get it done :o(  )


      I have a table with Inventory movements.


      Partnumber       Quantity-movement

      Part1                 +100

      Part2                 +50

      Part2                 -2

      Part3                 +20

      Part1                 -100

      Part3                 +5


      I would like to show a portal with the actual inventory. = Partnumbers only appear once!,  and only Partnumbers that have a non-0 inventory should appear.


      Simple, right?! ... can anybody help?



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          Do you have a Parts table? Then it can be simple.


          It would also help to know from where this portal should be looking.

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            Thanks comment,


            I simplified things a lot in this description of course.


            Yes, i have a parts table, but no it wouldn't wouln't be useable here as the PartNr (in the parts table) are not the same as the Partnumbers in the Inventory-table (actually, latter include the batchnumber as well) ... at least not to my understanding.


            The layout-table is the same 'inventory'-file, i would use a second instance of this file for the portal.


            Does this help you any further?





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                 De-duping a portal is not easy at all - so let me suggest two alternatives:

              1. Produce a report from the InventoryMovements table, sub-summarized by PartNumber (with no body part).

              2. Find a way to make a Part related to its inventory movements. Then show a portal to Parts, based on a relationship using the x operator (showing all parts). In the Parts table, let each part sum its related movements, and show this in the portal.