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PORTAL -- Replace field contents

Question asked by firth5 on Mar 17, 2010
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PORTAL -- Replace field contents


We're adding portals to an established database.


The main database is centered around SCENES in a film.

I've added a portal to record VERSION numbers, and specific information about each version, including "artist" , "start date," "end date," and "notes."

The versions start at 101 and sequence up from there.  


I want to be able to find a batch of scenes, and assign them all to one artist.  When I do a REPLACE FIELD CONTENTS within the portal, it does not perform the action.  (The pinwheel spins for a while, but no new data is created.)  What am I doing wrong?  Is it because there are no new VERSION records yet created in the version table for those scenes?


is there a simpler way around this?  If I have to click on every record within the portal to make batch data entry, we'll lose hours of time for simple data entry.....


Thanks in advance!