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    Portal /Webview Help requested



      Portal /Webview Help requested


      I am entering monthly billing information in a Portal.  In each portal record I have entered a different invoice number that relates to this information.

      I now insert a script (Button) that puts this invoice into a web viewer outside of the portal window.

      See enclosed Image:

      When I click on this button I get the copy of the invoice (041111-3297075) in the web viewer.  When I go to the other records in the portal and click to see the invoice for that record I kept getting the same invoice #(041111-3297075) for every record. Instead of getting the related invoice number for that record.



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          Exactly how are you doing this? I suspect that you are using the web viewer to display a PDF of the invoice?

          If so, you should store the URL in a field defined in your invoice table and then set your web viewer to get the URL from this text field. Your script can than store the URL expression in this text field. That way, changing records will also result in your web viewer getting it's URL from a new record and it will then update to display the new PDF.