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Portal 1 selection to filter Portal 2?

Question asked by Embee on Apr 20, 2012
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Portal 1 selection to filter Portal 2?


Hi fmp's,

In FMP12, how do I make the "selection" in portal 1 further filter the records in portal 2 and so on? Assuming a simple structure where these portals are on the same bottom-of-the-tree table-layout and are correctly related as branches, subbranches etc if that makes sense.

Is it still something with buttons and SetFields and additional table occurences, or is there something new in FMP12?

I thought I had read something somewhere about it becoming much simpler in 12, but maybe it was something I dreamt.

I hope that my beginner-description here is understandable, and that one of you experts can tell me the easiest way of doing this (or give me a link that will).