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Portal and found set

Question asked by Musashi on Feb 8, 2010
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Portal and found set


I have a table that shows staff, salaries, commissions, sales volume, etc. Each month we set a leading SKU that the staff need to concentrate thier sales on.


I can perform a search that will find the staff, salary period, city, total sales volume for the leading SKU, other SKU that the staff sold during this period, and the commission. I made a report for this sorted by city with the sub-total for each city.


I want to produce a Summary that just lists the total totals for each city based on the leading SKU:


City   Salary Period   staff no   SKU              Volume   Commission

                                          Other SKU1

                                          Other SKU2


I set up a portal and I can get the totals for each City, but not based on the leading SKU.


Is it possible for a portal to show the found set when the Salary table has a find performed on it?