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Question asked by Kaorin on Mar 14, 2012
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PORTAL AND MULTIPLE RELATIONSHIPS impossible? (Manufacturing & development stage)


I use Filemaker Pro 10, and am struggling to come up with solution with regards to PORTAL or showing the related fields from related records.

For an example, a coat style F051 is available in 2 diffrent fabrications (see below) aand I want to fill in the components (trims such as buttons etc.) information.

If I were to type in QTY and SIZE of buttons for one of the F051 coat, I want any other F051 coat styles to show these 2 info in the portal. This is a 4 buttons coat and the sixe of the buttons must be the same. However, I want to be able to select different button options for the same style of coat in different fabrication - because tha is the.... design!


How can I achieve this? I will probably re-set the relationship differently... F051 comes from another file called 'Style Info'. Do I need to create fields in this file / record of all buttons and other trim information?


Any suggestion is much appreciated. Thank you.