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    Portal and Relationship



      Portal and Relationship


      I have defined the relationship between two tables ( Table1 and Table2 ). I want to display values, from two tables in one portal. (Portal is in Layout Tab2). In the column value2 I see constantly the same values, unfortunately. I can not deal with this problem. Please help me.


      Copy database in the attachment.

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          The problem is that the layout is based on table 2, the portal is based on the relationship Table2 -> SelfByConstant, but the field you are talking about is from the TO called Table 1.

          You need to create a downstream TO based on Table 1, and relate it by the keys you mean (I think that would be FK to PK) from the Table 2 Self Relationship TO.

          In other words, create a new TO called Tab2 Self To Tab1

          Relate it by:

          Tab2 Self::FKID = Tab2 Self To Tab1:;PKID

          and it shows the correct data for all of the Table 1 records.  I assume that was what you intended.

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            Sorry for the late reply.

            Thank you very much. Really helped me. :)