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Portal and Relationship Problems

Question asked by scukier on Apr 27, 2009
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Portal and Relationship Problems


Good evening -


I am having a problem displaying portal information.  We have 2 tables, Intranet and Office.  All the relevant employee fields and information is in the Intranet table (for example first name, last name, address, etc.).  I want to display this information in a portal on an Office layout.  I have created a primary key for both the Intranet and Office (PK_Intranet and PK_Office and set to auto-assign).  Additionally, I have created a Foreign key in the Office table so that the info from the Intranet can be used by using the relationship that I have setup.  However, when I create the portal from the Office layout with the Intranet fields, I show no results.  I have 1 record created in the Intranet field that should be displayed.  


Any assistance would be appreciated.


Thank you.