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    Portal and Relationship Problems



      Portal and Relationship Problems


      Good evening -


      I am having a problem displaying portal information.  We have 2 tables, Intranet and Office.  All the relevant employee fields and information is in the Intranet table (for example first name, last name, address, etc.).  I want to display this information in a portal on an Office layout.  I have created a primary key for both the Intranet and Office (PK_Intranet and PK_Office and set to auto-assign).  Additionally, I have created a Foreign key in the Office table so that the info from the Intranet can be used by using the relationship that I have setup.  However, when I create the portal from the Office layout with the Intranet fields, I show no results.  I have 1 record created in the Intranet field that should be displayed.  


      Any assistance would be appreciated.


      Thank you. 

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          Hi there,


          A portal is like a lookup or overview showing all related records to a certain relationship.


          What is your relationship between the 2 tables?


          If it is between PK_Intranet and PK_Office then that won't work because the results won't be the same.


          Please provide some more information. 

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            Thank you for your reply.


            Currently I have the fileds and tables setup in the following way:


            Intranet Table:
            PK_Intranet (Primary Key)
            OfficeID (Foreign Key)
            All name fields, such as first, last as well as address info


            Office Table:
            PK_Office (Primary Key)
            IntranetID (Foreign Key)


            I have a relationship built that ties PK_Intranet to (Intranet table) to IntranetID (Office table) together with the 'crows feet' on the Office table/IntranetID side.


            To reitteate, I want to allow an Office layout the ability to view the fields of the Intranet fields via a portal. 


            Thanks again for your help.



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                 You do not need the IntranetID in the Office table. It makes no sense to put the "child" id in the "parent" table, because there are many children for one parent; the parent primary id to the child's foreign key parent id is sufficient.
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                   Thanks for your response

                I removed it and now it looks like this:

                Office Table:

                Intranet Table:

                But still no info that I entered into the Intranet table/fields show in the portal on the Office layout. I know it is something simple.

                Thanks again.

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                  Make sure that PK_Office and OfficeID are the same field type (both number or both text for example) and truly have matching values.