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Portal and Value List

Question asked by Vicky on Aug 6, 2013
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Portal and Value List



     Is it possible to have a field with a value list change automatically based on another field in a portal? 

     OrderLineItems|ByOrder > --- - Order

     OrderLineItems|ByOrder:: _fkOrderID = Order :: _pkOrderID

      In the picture I uploaded, the ETA Status (Order) at the top has a value list containing "Pending" , "Open" , "Ship" , and "Closed" . The user needs to be able to manually select between from Pending and Open. After Open is selected, when a line in the portal ETA Status(OrderLineItems|ByOrder) becomes Ship, ETA Status (Order) should automatically change to Ship. When all the lines in portal become Closed, ETAStatus(Order) automatically changes to Closed.