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Portal autoheight

Question asked by EduardoMoreno on Dec 13, 2012
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Portal autoheight


     Hello Gentlemen, Ladies. I´m a new FM user. I tried +10 different products before, very few ones offer a whole database solution, from creating thru printing, and I decided Filemaker because it has the easiest GUI and strongest tools, on recording as well as programming. My surprise was to find there is not autosized fields. After a short research I found fields can be autosized by using Sliding feature. It works very well, it demands to have two different layouts (recording and printing ones) but that is not an issue. But I now find Portals does not support sliding feature (per record). All of the other 10 apps I tried it does, and very easy to set.

     My questions: 

     1. Is there a way to set a height of fields by using a script ?, handling variables of fields properties according to string lenght in it? Algorithm would be very easy, the issue is to access height property.

     2. Are you planning to add sliding support for Portals ? It is really sad that such powerfull database manager is missing what all others have.

     Thanks a lot in advance and excuse my english

     Eduardo Moreno