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    Portal Basic



      Portal Basic


           I can't seem to get my head around why this does not work, so I apologize in advance for what seems to be a basic question.

           File: World Cup Tracker

           Tables: Game, Finals

           Games - all games in the first 48 are tracked, with teams and scores (48 records in that table)

           Finals - no records, just all global fields that have the 16 winning teams (A thru G) entered into 16 fields, by calculation (points, goal differential, etc.) from 32 teams in 48 games.

           I am trying to create a Popover with a portal that will list a team's three original games and the scores. I have created a relationship between Finals and Games (Games to Finals) based on a field called "Connection" in both Tables with a "X" relationship.

           The portal shows related records from that relationship, with four fields: Team 1, Team 2 and their respective scores. The portal is sorted according to a specific field in the Finals table (G2 in this case) as follows-

           "Finals::G2 = Games to Finals::Team 1 or Finals::G2 = Games to Finals::Team 2" - as the team in question (G2) can be in either field of the Game's record (Team 1 field or Team 2 field of the Game table)

           My result shows three (3) games/records (correct number of records), but with ALL three with the teams and scores from the FIRST game!!!

           I am missing something basic.  Any help is much appreciated.

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               Seems like you need a table of teams with one record for each team such that you can link records from Teams to Games. Each game record can link to two different records in Teams to record which two teams played in that game.