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Portal Basic

Question asked by aspectmedia on Jul 5, 2014
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Portal Basic


     I can't seem to get my head around why this does not work, so I apologize in advance for what seems to be a basic question.

     File: World Cup Tracker

     Tables: Game, Finals

     Games - all games in the first 48 are tracked, with teams and scores (48 records in that table)

     Finals - no records, just all global fields that have the 16 winning teams (A thru G) entered into 16 fields, by calculation (points, goal differential, etc.) from 32 teams in 48 games.

     I am trying to create a Popover with a portal that will list a team's three original games and the scores. I have created a relationship between Finals and Games (Games to Finals) based on a field called "Connection" in both Tables with a "X" relationship.

     The portal shows related records from that relationship, with four fields: Team 1, Team 2 and their respective scores. The portal is sorted according to a specific field in the Finals table (G2 in this case) as follows-

     "Finals::G2 = Games to Finals::Team 1 or Finals::G2 = Games to Finals::Team 2" - as the team in question (G2) can be in either field of the Game's record (Team 1 field or Team 2 field of the Game table)

     My result shows three (3) games/records (correct number of records), but with ALL three with the teams and scores from the FIRST game!!!

     I am missing something basic.  Any help is much appreciated.