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    Portal Basics



      Portal Basics


      I have a dedicated layout for expenses on a project.  Each new record in this layout is a separate expense.  Is it possible to create a portal on a related layout, which lists all of the expenses created in the expense layout?  I would also like to be able to enter the expense data on the related layout and have it appear in the expense layout as new records.

      I am working with FMP11.

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          That's exactly how portals are intended to function. What does one record on the new layout represent, a project?

          If so you'll need a relationship between the Projects table and the expenses table:

          Projects::ProjectID = Expenses::ProjectID

          enable "Allow creation of records in this table via this relationship for the expenses table."

          Now a portal on the Projects layout will list all expenses for that Project and you can log new expenses in the portal simply by entering the new data on the blank portal row found at the bottom of the existing portal rows. Each new record is being created in your expenses table so they will also be visible on your expenses layout.

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            That worked perfectly!  Thank you.