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    Portal Behavior



      Portal Behavior


      I am doing a little app for my tracking petty cash.  I have a table for Petty Cash with two child tables.  There are portals for each on the Petty Cash form.   One petty cash record is created for each reimbursement of petty cash. 

      In the Petty Cash-child portal for receipts, there are details for each expenditure:  
      Date, Employee, Vendor, Amount, GLCode, Note  
      On the parent record there is a field to summarize the child-Amount.

      In the Petty Cash-child portal for cash count, there are details for the cash count:
      Date, Pennies, Nickels, Dimes, Quarters, Ones, Fives, Tens, Twenties, Other, Total (totals across this record).
      One the parent record there is a field for the total, but I only want the MOST RECENT count used.


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          Option 1)

          Use a sorted relationship to refer to the most recent child record by sorting the records in an order that makes the most recent record the first record. This might be a field with an auto-entered timestamp or an auto-entered serial number field.

          Option 2)

          The Last() function can be used to access data from the last related record--which will be the most recent record when no sort order is specified in your relationship.

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            Thank you Phil, I went with Option 2 as it was the simplest to implement.